Who Can Donate

Donations are accepted from all wishers around the world who are willing to give back ti the community. It is gives a lot of satisfaction to oneself knowing that you have given a hand to build up something, make someone’s life better or even the community as a whole.

How You Can Donate

All kinds of donations are accepted except alcohol or any substances that are harmful to health and the community. WACA was formed in the basis of helping the needy without any expectations in return. All wel wishers are welcomed to donate in accordance to their capacity. WACA does not give anything or services in return for donations or services given.

You can send your donations through bank transfer of through mobile money transfer:

Kenya Commercial Bank
Account Name: WACA-Watamu Community Based Organization
Account Number:  1259053849

Mobile Money Transfer

Mpesa: +254 701 615 654


Select Payment Method
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Donation Total: $5.00

Where Your Donations Go

WACA organisers initiatives depending on the requests of some people around us or after visiting villages and children’s homes. Depending on needs  WACA members contribute towards that initiative and delivers what’s needed to accomplish it.

In the case of well wishers and donors who have specific donations, WACA board members do inform the donors on the various initiatives in hand and the well wisher/donor can choose to give his/her donations to a given initiative or let WACA choose where the donated items will be taken to.

Donations received can be delivered directly to the people the donor/well wisher has chosen accompanied by the WACA members or WACA and it’s member can organise and deliver the donations. 

All donations are registered and accounted for by the board members and all information shared to the members, well wishers and donors. No WACA member gets to benefit from the donations collected from the members or the well wishers/donors.

When Can You Donate?

WACA offices are always open, we do accept all donations anytime. In the case of funds WACA has a Bank Account where well wishers and donors can deposit their contribution towards the community.

In case of more information on how to donate, become a member or participate in our initiatives, you can always contact us via E-Mail Us or call one of the numbers on the contact us page or leave us a message on our Facebook Page and we will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.

For The Love Of Humanity