NO DRUGS DAY – Watamu Community Association (WACA) the group behind #TwendeKilifi n #TwendeMadunguni partnered with Hossana City Church Watamu, Red Cross, Sauti ya Wamama Watamu. We raised Money as a group. We managed to Call together all Reformists in Watamu, and all the guys who are still in rehab. We organized a lunch together @ Agape Rescue School for Kids. A group of 50 reformists turned up. We had lunch together, talked to Challenges they face, which are; Transport fees to go to Malindi to get the Methadone Drugs which are used to control Addiction to drugs.

The church has been offering transport to some of them for the last 2 months but the group is big for one 14 seater, they also complained of being ignored by the community even after they have reformed… RedCross Was there to monitor their progress as they are the ones behind their rehabilitation. We had people to invite motivation speakers too.

At 2 P.M we organized a match between WACA, Church Members and the reformists a.k.a Mateja FC (No Offence but they insisted on that name) They manage to beat us like burukenge… 1-1 on FT they 2-3 on penalts.

We rewarded them with a trophy which will be kept by their captain. From 4.30 we walked around WATAMU with Banners spreading the NO DRUGS message.

We later sponsored them with a little cash (No more than 5k) which will carter for a few days transport to MLD for The Methadon Addiction Control Drugs.

Some of them surrender Weapons they had to the pastor, some surrendred syringes n other Stuff I can’t post… All were destroyed.

Its the best we could do. I wont be able to Post all pics because of the sensitivity of the Matter… I saw alot which I can’t post… From School Mates to Friends.

A big thanks to Pastor Peter Chosen of the Hossana City Church, Red Cross Watamu, My friends from W.A.C.A Richie Young Daz Makovijc ,Laura Wachia Mung’aro ,Sally Harrison, Mdachi Stephen, Priscar Mapenzi, Muna Masika, Giuseppe Nero, Christine Mbuvi, Karen Kalamba, Rahab Ngitit, Njambi Chebe, Barak Dennoh, Bokole Shombo, Mercy Baya, Kalimba, Mc Intyre Birundu, Teresa Maina, Alexander Sandy Khonde Tuva, Sifa Symon , Eucabeth Momanyi Minicah Mitch, Supa Nabalarose, Noni Mbugguss everyone else I have not mentioned.

Let’s Embrace the Reformists, they are part of us. A drug free Community is An Able Community.