Watamu Community Association – WACA Mashujaa Day Celebration @New Sita Hidden Academy Dabaso. On Sat 20-10-18 The WACA – CBO Planned to Celebrate Mashujaa Day with Kids from Sita Academy children home. After a month of Planning, we managed to Collect the following Items: 20 bundles of Unga. 90 KGS of Beans, 75 KGS of Rice, 1 bundle of Ngano, 15 Mattresses, 40 Basins, 5 Dozens of Tissues Papers, 40 packets of Sanitary Papers, 100 pieces of tooth brushes, 20 toothpaste tubes, 40 litres of detergent, 40 pieces of Bathing Soap, 10 litres of Cooking oil, Clothes, 30 packets of washing Soap, 4 dozen Pampers, 20 litres of Painting Colour, 2 footballs, 4 boxes of biscuits, 4 packets of sweets, 5 litres of Quencher Juice, 54 packets of “Chips Kuku” Snacks, 20 Naija Bags, Beddings, Shoes, 4 dozens of Cups, 50 Plates, We also Managed To Paint 2 classrooms (Both in and Out), We also repainted 3 black boards. We also managed to Prepare a delicious Lunch Meal (Pilau). We also offered long term solutions to some of the problem facing them… A big thanks to our Sponsors/Partners * Klub Kalahari Watamu. * Savannah Lounge Watamu * Red Lion Club * Club Comeback * Kibali Diners & Restaraunt. * Nonny’s Concepts *Watamu Travels *Tavern Bar n Restaraunt Watamu. * Timboni Sawasawa Academy. *Friends of WACA. A big Shout to Our Facebook Friends who offered Stuff and those who shared our Poster.