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WACA Members

Watamu Community Association

For the Love Of Humanity

WACA Members
Heart Children Home

WACA Blood Donation 2019

Heart Children Home
A Night To Shine

A Night To Shine At Gede ACK Church

A Night To Shine
Munyaka Child Centre

Lunch At Munyaka Child Centre

Munyaka Child Centre
Annual Mangove

Dabaso Annual Mangrove Planting

Annual Mangove

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To Provide our community with a meaningful alternative for giving, one which celebrates charity & Supports it strengthens the community.


To create a strong and able community.


Donating Is Caring


Watamu Community Association - For The Love Of Humanity

WACA WATAMU – A group of friends and well wishers who came together to give back to the community.  During the floods that swept away animals and properties and took away numerous lives, Nickson Fondo(The Chairman) with the help of well wishers collected food items, clothing and other necessities and brought them to the affected areas. After the first delivery of the items, more people seemed to be interested in contributing.

It’s during this period Nickson Fondo and other well wishers decided to form WACA(Watamu Community Association). It grew up first and as of to date it has more than 100 members and other more well wishers, contributors and sponsors.

WACA WATAMU is open to everyone who is willing to join the group. The new member will be given the constitution which acts as a guide to the funtionality. For more information you can write to info@wacawatamu.org our secretary Trizza will give you more detailed information about joining the group or how to participate whenever we have new initiatives.

WACA is a REGISTERED self funded community organisation where it’s members contribute in accordance to the entity of the initiative. Well wishers are also invited to participate in any of our initiatives, you can subscribe to our newsletters where you will be updated periodically on new initiatives and the progress of the past initiatives in the community.

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Giving to the needy and spending time with them.

Medication of children and adults in the rural areas.

Involment in enviromental programs and tree planting.

Education and Awareness to the children and adults

Upcoming Initiatives

The Mijomboni Paralised Family

A Mijomboni family has been suffering from an unknown disease. The children start loosing equilibrium at the age of 18 and cannot walk anymore. They are not self sufficient hence depend on the mother who also is affected by some kind of disease.

WACA and it’s members have made the first visit and will be making a second visit and try to help where possible. Any well wisher whose is willing to give a hand is most welcomed.  For more information Contatct Us


Be part of our initiatives and give back to the community. You can make a difference in someone’s life through the little things you do.
Anyone can participate in our initiatives organised from time to time.

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Watamu Community Association (WACA) the group behind #TwendeKilifi n #TwendeMadunguni partnered with Hossana City Church Watamu, Red Cross, Sauti ya Wamama Watamu. We raised Money as a group.

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Our Members

Esther Onyango  Nickson Fondo (chair)  Sally Jane (VC) Teresia Maina (secretary)  Joseph Fungiza (Nero v.sec) Elizabeth Mwakala Stephen Mdachi Alfred Kittu Judith Kamoji (chief whip) Christine Mbuvi Solomon Samuel John Filbert karisa Juma Rashid Mramba Brenda Ochieng Salome Kyalo Alexander Tuva Prisca Mapenzi Charlotte Wakesho Elizabeth Gahr (Elke) Roseline Nabala (madam supa) Fauzia Anyande Eucabeth Momanyi Nancy Regina Jefwa Catherine Wangare Kuria David Mwangi

  • For any information on how to join WACA as a member or participate in the different initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Mobile:+254 714 893 989
  • Website:WACACBOOpens in a new tab